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Commercial Cleaning to Give Your Listings The Best Chance On The Market

Written by James Wadley

July 27, 2020

This one is for you COMMERCIAL LEASING AGENTS. First Impressions are so vital to get right for your listings to have the best chance on the market.

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We’re here at Robertson street In the Valley.

People get a sense for a space within the first three seconds.

If you are a commercial leasing agent make sure you get someone meticulous to prepare your properties!

When a prospect comes through the door you want them to feel the space has been looked after.

You want them to be excited to start a new business.

That all comes down to attention to detail.

Here we are preparing a cafe For Lease!

Someone’s going to come in here and be excited to start a new business!

They’re going to walk in here and they are going to get a sense for the place straight away.

How does it feel? Do they want to do action in here? Are they going to want to bring their team into the space.

Give us a call if you’re preparing a commercial property for lease. IronDrake will get it sorted.

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