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Consolidate Your Office Maintenance Providers.

Written by James Wadley

June 8, 2020

Are you juggling the office duties as if you are staring Cirque du Soleil? 🀑🀑

It’s time to streamline your efforts and break through the noise of constant distraction from the top priorities in your role.

IronDrake are here to provide quality of life for Office Managers and General Managers who are inundated with internal and external complaints. Your day can seem like one big goose chase with so many service providers to organise and to hold accountable to your organisation’s standards.

Have all of your cleaning, periodic building maintenance and consumable invoicing come through one open line of communication withΒ IronDrake Cleaning Solutions. You will find the highly accountable and efficient approach a breath of fresh air in your day to day operations.

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Office managers and general managers I
want to have a chat! I don’t want to see
you guys running around like mad cooks
having to deal with all of the internal
complaints of staff around the workplace

as well as client concerns and then on

top of that you have to deal with a

range of service providers that just

drive you nuts

let’s introduce some quality of life to

your role you might have a carpet


who also does the external building

maintenance and glass cleaning on top of

your weekly cleaning service you might

be sending a valued staff member down to

Cole’s to get your toilet paper and hand

towel on top of that. These are all

moving parts that are sitting in the

back of your mind that shouldn’t have to

deal with get in touch with one expert

who can sort you out with all of your ad

hoc services compound that into one line

of communication with your weekly

cleaning service and also provide a

better solution for your consumables go

direct to the source have them change it

over while they’re there for your weekly

cleaning and get that off your plate

give me a call if you want to have a

chat about streamlining your workflow a

goal is to make your job more simple so

you can focus on the big important ideas

in the business that’s where your valued



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