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How To Make Sales During The COVID-19 Epidemic.

Written by James Wadley

May 30, 2020

Hey Mick the people the good people
want a Cold Call Centurion update.
You want a bloody Cold Cald Centurion update?
I’ll give you an update!
Look there’s not
much we can do right now.
Except provide
massive value for everyone in need!
So what we’re doing is free disinfection
services for all business premises.
The external of course so we don’t even need
to come inside you can stay inside and
we’ll just help you out from the
We can even post a video on
your social media channels to make sure
your customers know that you’re being proactive.
Get out there be proactive
make sure you’re still making some noise
and get everyone around you in this time.
So Mick if they don’t call you, and you
know what the Cold Call Centurion,
he loves to do he loves to get on the
Well I do love to get on the blower.
So if they don’t call me!
If you don’t call me
I’ll bloody well call you!
Okay I onto to
you I’m out here to help so just get me
around for a chat.
We’ll have a coffee
together, from two metres distance
Umm mate if you need to just have
someone to chat to I’ll come around with
the disinfection sprayer and we’ll have
a chat from 20 meters away.
Stay tuned!

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