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Hyper Sales Growth – Are you Committing THE THREE SINS of Sales?

Written by James Wadley

May 31, 2020

Everything in your business should have a system:

  • Accounting,
  • Operations,
  • Admin,
  • Interviewing,
  • On-boarding

I could go on!

I want to make the McDonalds of cleaning. I want everything to have clear concise systems. This allows me to hire good people who believe in my core values. I will have a clear process of hiring and training that anyone with half a brain will be able to understand. This will ensure I build a culture of success rather than being at the mercy of highly skilled people who think they know how things should be done and have no intention of following company guidelines.

Now to a lot of people it makes sense to have a system for most of the items I mention above, but for some reason SALES is voodoo black magic that is just sort of done by feeling. You might hear “Hey man I have a good vibe about this one! It feels good, I tried out this new trick I came up with”

How do you track that? How do you know what works? How can you look to the future and say if I make this many calls, my revenue will increase by this much.

YOU MAKE A SYSTEM! You make a sales machine that anyone with a good attitude, high energy and half decent communication could take up and succeed with. If you are struggling to come up with a successful sales system then this book is for you!

Now before we go any further I’ll give you the three sins of sales and then I’ll give you my top 5 learnings from this amazing book.

Three Sins Of Sales

  • The CEO should not be the sales manager – there needs to be a dedicated sales manager,
  • Your best salesperson should not be wasted on being the sales manager. Sales managers must recruit and train sales people – very different to making sales,
  • Making the sales manager not only manage but also make sales is very bad,

Sales training, coaching and system implementation is an extreme undertaking and should not be seen as a part time role that is sometimes discussed in a quarterly meeting!

For me this book has provided so much value and learning and it has been hard to boil down my top 5 takeaways but here they are:

  • Ask questions and listen -> do not be a PFN, a PROPOSAL FLICKING NERD! People do not care about your product specifics. They want to know if you can solve their problem and the only way you will understand the things that keep them up at night is if you ask questions and the shut up and listen.
  • Model the masters -> Why would you do things as important as sales by gut feeling. Choose a master and copy everything they do until you start to develop your own style that works with your personality, energy and vibe.
  • Trust trumps price all day long -> People do business with those that they like and trust. How do you get people to like and trust you? You get to know each other, you develop a relationship around shared personal interests. GREAT SALES PEOPLE VISIT LESS HIGH VALUE PROSPECTS MORE OFTEN!
  • People are different. Sell accordingly -> Level with people. reflect their energy and make them feel comfortable. This is all part of building trust.
  • Successful cultures need to be intentionally managed -> to build a winning culture you need a system of appreciation for clients and staff alike. This world can seem pretty bleak sometimes why don’t you have it front of mind to make someones day. See how much further you get when you give emotionally and spiritually.

I could write a book about this book and what it has given to me. BUT I want those that are looking to level up to read it in the way the master intended. Get this book by Jack Daly! Hyper Sales Growth is a masterpiece.

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