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Written by James Wadley

May 31, 2020


Welcome to episode 1 of IronDrake Cleaning Solutions book club, “If you want to be poor, keep scrolling!”

This is a place where #businessowners#entrepreneurs and #professionals who are serious about growth can share information and great sources of it.

Book Spotlight 1 🔦: Sell Like Crazy by Sabri Suby

If you are looking for a book to give some direction to your marketing, stop here. This book has revolutionised my understanding of copy writing and language in marketing, which has a flow on effect to sales and the way we pitch anything across all mediums.

The top 3 takeaways to immediately boost your marketing and sell out shows (products & services) like a rockstar.

1. Think Like a Billionaire 💵

Since reading this book my alarm goes off at 4 am without fail every day of the week. The key is periods of uninterrupted focused work.

2. Understand and Identify Your Dream Buyer 🙋
Go deep enough to know what their fears, hopes and dreams.

3. Create the Perfect Bait for Your Dream Buyer 🍦
Now you know what they need, you can provide it.

There are many useful strategies in here so don’t be fooled by the gimmicky cover

⬇️ Comment below what you are reading to level up! ⬇️



And here we go the first episode of if
you want to be poor keep scrolling!
Welcome. Step inside we got the first
book off the ranks of if you want to be
poor keep scrolling looking for
suggestions so if you’ve reading any
great business books or any grea
personal development books throw them in
the comments below first one off the
ranks for this week look at that looks
like a bit of a spam article. Sell Like
Crazy how to get as many clients
customers and sales as you can possibly
handle by Sabri Suby.
Who the hell does this bloke think he is!
you might be thinking. Well I’ll tell you
what I’ve got a lot of value out of this
one it’s all about energy coupled with a
bit of language ladies and gentlemen so
yeah go big energy but make sure you’re
focusing I want to share with you a few
takeaways from this book make sure you
really focus on those headlines that’s
where you’re gonna hook them or lose
them if you get this right it’ll be like
a %$&#ing fly to a dung all right
let me give you an example of some some
sort of power words you can use to get a
bit of peak of intrigue happening. You want to
tell us one Jimbo? BONANZA! Tremendous!
Beautiful! Wonderful! WOWZA! Ride off
into your sunset destiny! So as you can
see there’s better there’s a bit of
emotion there I’ll give you a little
example from IronDrake Cleaning themselves.
introducing outrageously remarkable
commercial cleaning outstanding ad-hoc
services and a bonanza of consumables.
that’s actually a quote from Mick Wadley
The Master of Dunny’s and
the coordinator of mops down at IronDrake
Cleaning Solutions!

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