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Jingle Jam Session 2

Written by James Wadley

July 6, 2020

Here it is ladies and gentleman another IronDrake Jingle Jam Session 🎤 🎧 🎼 🎹 🎷.

This is a work in progress punters – so give us your insights. We need a jingle that sells cleaning!

So like, share comment and generally spread the word that we need help (on a lot of fronts).

Mick Wadley James 💦 Wadley
#brisbane #ceomindset #ceolife #facilitiesmanagers #commercialcleaning


Welcome back to the IronDrake jingle jam
sessions still haven’t quite got this
one nailed let us know what you think in
the comments below
take her away Jimmy
In the evening, through the night, in the morning
IronDrake will be there!
Pushing Brooms All Night Long
Swinging Mops on into the dawn. Yes We Are.
Beneath the story bridge throughout the city we love
You’ll find us cleaning my friend, you’ll find us cleaning
Way up on a mountain Zeus he taught me everything
He taught me how to scrub all the dunnies in this town
scrub all the dunnies in this town scrub all the dunnies in this town

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