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Leadership Strategy and Tactics – The Only Book YOU Need To Read If YOU are born to lead!

Written by James Wadley

May 31, 2020

What makes a great leader? How do you know how to treat people? How do you know when to swallow your pride and accept other peoples ideas? When should you lead from the front and when should you be led? When are you in the right and when is it just your ego getting in the way of progress?

As a leader in my business these questions run through my mind everyday. They are crucially important and the wrong decision can truly slow your business down.

The book Leadership Strategies and Tactics by Jocko Willink, former Navy Seal Commander, truly gives you the insights you need to start answering these questions on the front foot. This is a one stop shop when it comes to hard leadership decisions.

You can rest assured that the information in this book is tried and true as Jocko led Task Force Bruiser in Iraq and Afghanistan, the most decorated special operations unit in the desert wars to date. Not only have these ideas been pressure tested under the most extreme circumstances, they have also been used to grow and improve companies all around the world through Jocko’s Leadership consultancy company Echelon Front.

Here are my top 5 takeaways from the book:

  1. Take ownership of failures and mistakes -> If your team fails you have failed as a leader. Either you have not made yourself clear, you have not provided the right training or you have hired the wrong people. If you start blaming people you have ruined the culture, lowered your standing with your piers and let your ego get in the way of learning.
  2. Don’t act like you know everything! Your team knows you don’t. Ask questions be humble and learn. Get down on the frontline with your troops and take the time to understand their job and the problems they are facing.
  3. Have integrity! Do what you are say you are going to do. Build your personal brand around trust and people will follow you to the end of the earth.
  4. Treat people with respect. If you look after your people they will look after you. As a leader you are there to serve those that follow you. You are their shepherd.
  5. Get the job done. If the mission fails the leader has failed.

This book has truly great advice on all aspects of leadership. Whether it’s how to act as a new leader to the effective fundamentals of leadership communication.

Everything is a process. Start your process of becoming a better leader now and check this book out.


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