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Smash Your KPI’s!

Written by James Wadley

June 7, 2020


Burn through your KPIs moving into the brand new financial year. Time is up!

There is no substitute for a good first impression, human beings judge books by their cover and there is no getting around it.

If you are a commercial leasing agent or a facilities manager, it is crucial that your listings are yelling out to be tenanted. The best way forward is to team up with IronDrake and our periodic building maintenance services to get your numbers rolling.

The world has been shaken, it’s time for your land lords to secure a good lease, and the only way to secure a quality lease is to present a quality product.

Now, it is important that we understand that you can’t scrub up a πŸ’©… but I know you have a standard. You don’t have poor listings. So get the most out of them!

CallΒ Mick WadleyΒ (0448 071 848) today to see how we can work together to get your KPIs demolished moving into the first quarter of the brand new financial year.

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Commercial leasing agents facilities
managers let’s get this show back on the
road! COVID’s slowing down now
restrictions are lifting
let’s get your listings moving there’s
no excuse
I want to get your kpi’s back up to
where they were before this whole thing
kicked off and that means getting them
looking A-grade!
we have full hospital-grade disinfectantion
services for staff peace of mind. We have
external building maintenance which
includes blokes abb-sailing off the
sides of buildings we have pressure
washing for the car parks get the whole
thing sparkling again
let’s get your listing moving. Get in
touch today for a consultation!


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