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The First IronDrake Jingle.

Written by James Wadley

June 7, 2020

Have you knocked back the first coffee of the week yet? ☕️

Settle in for the show! Mick has let our jingle slip with a sneak preview for our loyal subscibers. 🎻🎼

Have a great week everyone and remember to have fun along the way.. Big business gets done through consistent growth… not grinding to burn out town.

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Oh Ho Now!
You sign the contact and I’ll bring the mop and broom.
Light up those big cigars we’re laughing in the
board room.
Mikey what’s going on here mate? Jimbo what
What the hell are you doing here, whos that?
Is that our subscribers?
It’s the good people. Oh the good people will
fair enough!
Morning fellas it’s Monday knock back
that first coffee we’re gonna get right
into it I’m actually a bit shocked Jim
let you in on the sneak preview of our
jingle but anyway the basic principle is
you sign the contract
I’ll bring the mop and broom then light
up the big Cuban cigars cause we’re
going to have a bit of a laugh in the
boardroom bit of fun get me down try it
out have a good day fellas


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