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The Ultimate Book of Influence – This is essential reading for all those businesses owners who struggle with sales.

Written by James Wadley

July 6, 2020

Sales and communication are not my strongest areas – BUT I don’t just accept that and move on. I search far and wide for resources and tools that will help me level up and survive the jungle that is business.

My background is maths and engineering. Those fields don’t require a lot of influence or persuasion. They require technical skills which in a business should not be performed by the founders.

For years I neglected my communication skills, thinking they had no place in my future career of writing code in silence. Now that I want to grow a successful business I have no other option other than to become a master at:

  • Communication,
  • Influence,
  • Persuasion; and
  • Sales.

It’s literally learn or die!

This masterpiece by Chris Helder has given me essential tools when it comes to improving my communication skills in general. It boils it down to 10 simple ideas that can be implemented immediately. This is great for those of us who have to run a businesses and grow personally at the same time.

My favourite tools are as follows:

  1. Act as if: Find a leader that you want to emulate and study their: Posture, eye contact, speech energy, ect and start acting like them, as if you are already the great leader you want to become.
  2. Energy is a choice: We all have good and bad days, but this should not dictate the outcome of the day. You can choose to have engaging positive energy even if you are completely hungover or have had no sleep. If a family member was in trouble and you hadn’t slept in days, well you would choose to have enough energy to help them out.
  3. FORD: If you find yourself in a situation requiring small talk use this acronym so that you never run out of thing to say -> Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams. This will have everyone engaged especially if it is all about them.
  4. Positive, Positive, Positive, Negative: When ever you have to give some one feedback try it in this format, PPPN. You will notice that they are far more receptive.
  5. Same Same But Different: When you are selling something like cleaning i.e. most companies provided very similar services, so start by asking the customer what problems they are facing. Once you have heard all of their concerns explain that every cleaning company does very similar things i.e. mop, dust, vac, but the thing that separates us is that we have developed systems that solve the exact problems they are facing (only do this if it is true).

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